Ochra house copsamare

Ochra House

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Its specially decorated façade gives to this renovated house the charm of a cosy central spot in the village. A smaller house but equally beautiful garden with direct access to the hills. MAIN HOUSE Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Living room BARN HOUSE (project) 110 m2 Built surface (project): 230 m2 Land surface: 985 m2 State: fully renovated Services: gas, electricity, central heating system, transylvanian ...
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Green house Copsamare

Green house

On of the most prominent Saxon houses with a big garden connecting the main street to the Transylvanian hills. Wonderfully positioned and overlooking the fortified church. MAIN HOUSE: bedrooms: 4 bathrooms: 3 living room surface: 45 m2+ 18 m2(2 living areas) Kitchen and dining: 22 m2 cellar (pivinza): 150 m2 attic: 150 m2 SMALL HOUSE bedroom: 1 bathroom: 1 living room: 20 m2 ...
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Red House

For Sale
Overlooking the fortified church it is one of the oldest houses in the village on a beautiful big plot of land. It used to be connected to the fortified church with a tunnel that was used during siege times. MAIN HOUSE: bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 Kitchen, dining and living room BARN HOUSE Possibility to rebuild existing barn of approx 200 ...
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White House - Copsamare

White House

A special retreat of unique proportions in the centre of the village overlooking the forest. A cosy private garden and a lot of light that add comfort to it. MAIN HOUSE: bedrooms: 3 bathrooms: 3 living room surface: 25 m2 Kitchen and dining: 38 m2 SMALL HOUSE bedroom: 1 bathroom: 1 Built surface: 210 m2 Land surface: 975 m2 State of Renovation: ...
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Yellow House

This house is in the centre of the village and its barn has been restored in a beautiful open space full of natural light. With its modern services it is a welcoming place all year around. MAIN HOUSE: bedroom: 1 bathroom: 1 Small living room SMALL HOUSE bedroom: 1 bathroom: 1 Small living room BARN HOUSE Modern Kitchen, dining and ...
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