The Project


  • planArchitectural Integrity and Protection

    Copsa Mare is a unique unspoiled Saxon village, two kilometres away from Biertan, UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in the centre of the Transylvania triangle formed by the historic cities of Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. This part of Romania is famous for its fortified churches, its infinite and pristine landscapes and for its culture rich in traditions.
    At the time when Saxon villages of Transylvania are undergoing a dramatic transformation Copsa Mare has been preserved in its architectural integrity thank you to the efforts of Paolo and Giovanna Bassetti and the local team.

  • CopsamareProject´s History

    In 2006, knowing the rapid transformation of the country, Paolo and Giovanna decided to carefully restore few houses in Copsa Mare as part of a long term sustainable project that will help preserve this part of Europe.

    The collaboration and enthusiasm of the local people has been fundamental in understanding and valuing their cultural heritage. Partnerships with GTZ, the Anthropological University of Siena, the Oxford Brooks University, Ratiu Foundation, Monumentum Association have, among others, helped in raising awareness on the importance and richness of this village in Transylvania.

  • Transylvanian Cultura HeritageTransylvanian Cultural Heritage

    The renovation of the architectural patrimony is done according to traditional building techniques taking in consideration modern comfort and energy saving requirements. The preservation of the Saxon architecture and style is done trough the maintenance of the roofs, facades and windows. The roofs are made with ceramic tiles; the facades are decorated and painted with natural pigments and chalk; windows, doors and main gates are made of wood. Everything is done according to the traditional use of the land and space distribution.

  • Rural DevelopmentSustainable Rural Development

    Transylvania is looking for a new equilibrium where preservation, heritage, biodiversity and ecotourism have to deal with the need of economic and social growth.

    The fight for the protection of the Saxon architecture is one of the pivotal point to ensure the development and increase of sustainable activities. A changing process that is possible thank you to the improvement of infrastructure, communication and government support.